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We make custom foresight games that help organizations explore the future. Our designs include facilitated games, playable in person or through video chat, and browser-based video games.

Past Clients

logos of clients
logos of clients

Our Games

trust and safety tycoon logo

A browser game that puts the player in charge of managing the trust and safety team at a rapidly growing social network. Created in association with the Atlantic Council, with support from the Hewlett Foundation.

moderator mayhem logo

A browser and mobile game where players explore the challenges of content moderation. Commissioned by Engine to help technologists, policy makers, and journalists have nuanced conversations about related legislation.

FutureCast logo

A lightweight framework for exploring opportunities and risks in an election context. Developed with the United Nations for use in fragile democracies.

startup trail logo

A browser based game about startups and government policy. Guide your startup through a series of dilemmas as you go from founding through to possible exit. Commisioned by Engine as a playable version of their annual report.

threatcast 2020 logo

A brainstorm game focused on how bad actors might use technology to manipulate the 2020 election. Commissioned by a major tech company and run for internal and external experts. Available to run at future events.

money city logo

A game for Mozilla's Mozfest that explores the future of money. Players work to overthrow a powerful megacorporation in a fictional cyberpunk dystopia by coming up with interventions that involve monetization, currencies, payments, and more.

Our Services

There are a variety of ways we can help you:

  • Design custom games for in-person, over video chat, and video games
  • Adapt existing games to new formats
  • Facilitate games we've already designed
  • Advise your team as you design games
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Foresight Games Community

foresight games logo

We also run the Foresight.Games community, which is made up of designers, players, and sponsors of games that explore the future. The community includes an active discord, monthly lightning talks, and game and designer directories. Come join us: Foresight.Games