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Our Mission

We design in-person games, simulations, and workshops that help organizations explore possible futures and explain complex issues. Play is a powerful tool for generating new ideas and identifying possible consequences. By taking on a role, participants can better empathize with stakeholders and build intuition for the dynamics of a system.

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Exploration: Strategy & Foresight

Exploration games help participants plan for the future by engaging with the trends that are shaping their market and ecosystem. These can be broad in their exploration of possible futures or focused on one or two critical trends.

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Explanation: Understanding & Intuition

Explanation games help participants engage with complex topics through play. By taking on specific roles, players gain intuition of a system’s dynamics and empathy for its key actors. The types of exercises can range from large simulations to focused decision making. These games could be tailored for participants such as conference attendees, new hires, the press, and regulators.

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About Us

Leveraged Play was founded by Randy Lubin, an entrepreneur and game designer. He has held leadership positions at a varitey of tech companies and also publishes storytelling games through his studio Diegetic Games. Leveraged Play creates games in collaboration with an array of brilliant game designers and other partners.

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Email [email protected] for more information or to commision a game.