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We design in-person games, simulations, and workshops that help organizations explore possible futures and explain complex issues. We’ve designed games for audiences including conferences, foundations, leadership teams. Our games range in size from two players to hundreds.

Past Clients Include

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The Power of Games

Through play, participants are free to explore new ideas and novel perspectives. Games are great at modeling complex systems and allow players to build intuitions for real world dynamics. By taking on the roles of key organizations and stakeholders, players can understand their incentives and empathise with their situations.

Exploration Games

Strategy & Foresight

These games help participants explore the future by engaging with the trends that are shaping markets and ecosystems. These can cover many possible futures or focus on one or two critical trends or scenarios. Audiences include leadership teams and policy makers.

Explanation Games

Understanding & Intuition

Explanation games help participants engage with complex topics through play. By taking on roles, players gain intuition of a system’s dynamics and empathy for its actors. These games range from large simulations to small-group decision making. Audiences include conference attendees, new hires, journalists, and regulators.

Our Process

Our design process involves a high degree of brainstorming and iteration as we collaborate with our clients to create the game. Clients have told us that the design process itself yields valuable new insights and generates useful frameworks.

About Our Process

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